Somehow, we are there now

Something happened last night that I can hardly believe. Opie had his first sleep over at a friend’s house. 

We spent yesterday evening at our neighbors house swimming and grilling out. They have a couple boys who are a little older than Opie and Opie LOVES them, he calls them “his boys”. They are so good to him. They are kind and patient with him and he wants to be just like them. He must have told me three seperate times yesterday “I’m so happy!” While we were there. He was invited ahead of time to have a sleepover and to have breakfast in the morning with them. I’m pretty picky about who I trust to keep my kids without me there, but obviously my neighbors are amazing and I trust them completely, so I said of course!

As I left him there to walk back home last night, I checked with him to make sure he still wanted to stay over there and he said ” Yes! Mama, I know you’ll be sad without me home.. But you’ll be ok!” It was so funny. He then added “I really like you mama” and sent me on my way ha!

In the back of my mind I thought Opie might panic before going to bed or get homesick and want to come home at 2am so I made sure to have my phone on loud and right by my face all night. But the phone never rang. 

I text my friend Jen in the morning checking on them and she sent a picture of all the boys playing on their sleeping bags. He had a blast. So it looks like we are officially moving into that stage with him. I don’t know how it’s possible that we are there, but I think this is going to be such a fun season of life. Some of my favorite memories from growing up are the ones from sleepovers at my best friend’s house. We stayed up too late, acted weird and had the best time– I want all that and more for Opie and it seems like that’s exactly what happened for him last night. My heart is full and I’m so grateful for the friendships in our lives that make it possible. 


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