Easy and amazing shrimp po boy

There’s a restaurant downtown with super tasty shrimp po boy sandwiches. I usually don’t love Cajun anything or tomatoes, but on this sandwich I love the Cajun aioli and the diced tomatoes that top the lettuce and shrimp. The restaurant downtown obviously (or maybe not “obviously”) doesn’t sell gluten free sandwiches so I decided to make them at home so I could make sure I used seasonings I knew were safe and of course at home I can easily substitute gluten free rolls. 


Cajun aioli sauce

– 1 cup mayo

– 1/2 cup ketchup 

– 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

– 1/2 tsp paprika 

– 1/2 tsp garlic powder

– 1 tbsp creole/Cajun seasoning ** zatarans brand IS gluten free**
Shrimp ingredients:

– 4tbsp butter

– 1 tsp garlic powder or crushed fresh garlic.. I used powder because it was easier 

– 1-2 lbs of raw/peeled/deveined shrimp. I used frozen ones because it was easy. I’m seeing a trend here with the “quick and easy”

*breaded shrimp is delicious too, but I didn’t feel like adding more steps for myself when I made these sammys. *

– 1 lemon to squeeze over shrimp as they cook 

– more of that creole/Cajun seasoning to shake over the shrimp 

Other ingredients:

– rolls/buns

Here are a few good and easy to find gluten free options:

-diced tomato

-shredded lettuce 

Over medium heat in a large skillet, melt the butter and add the shrimp. 

Sprinkle the seasoning, squeeze the lemon and add the garlic over the shrimp and stir. While that starts to turn all those little shrimpies pink and delicious looking, mix all sauce ingredients together. 

(I forgot to take the tails of before cooking because that’s just the way my brain works, so I did it before assembling my po boy. )

Get your roll and fill it with shrimps. So many. Then add the shredded lettuce and tomato. Then drizzle a little (or be like me a drizzle a gallon) of the Cajun aioli sauce. If you have time you can take a picture, if not just try to eat slow enough to enjoy it. It’s delish.


February 2015 gluten free dinner menu

Here is February’s menu! It’s a short month and I’m working with ingredients I already have in the deep freezer or in my pantry. It’s always more challenging to try to make meals with what you have (besides fresh produce and dairy items) but it also makes you (or me at least) be more creative. We will hopefully find out where Michael will be stationed sometime next month. I decided to try to use up my supplies JUST IN CASE we have to make a cross country move in April. I hate wasting food, so unless we use up what is either frozen or what the movers won’t pack from the pantry, it would just have to get thrown out.
Some of these meals are flexible and may get pushed to March if I’m unable to make them for whatever reason (like appointments running late).
Be on the look out for the gluten free pita bread recipe I’ll be sharing soon!


Good news!

Yesterday Opie had his weigh in. I was so nervous and starting to prepare myself for hearing that he had lost more weight. However, he hadn’t lost any weight.. Instead, he gained 7 ounces!! I was so happy I almost cried! The shakes are working. I can’t wait to see how much he has gained at his next appointment with his dietician. We are able to go back to having his appointments be spaced a month apart again instead of just a few weeks, which is great. Thank you for all the prayers, I can’t tell you how relieved I am.
Here are a few pictures from the last couple days. Again, they uploaded out of order. Sorry!










Also, the Indian butter chicken, that I served over rice (not pictured) was amazing. Opie even ate a few bites!

I made some gf naan to go with it which Michael keeps saying I need to make often



Tonight is gyros. I LOVE gyros but it’s one of those things that has to be made at home to be gf. If I ever find a place that makes them with a gf pita/flat bread, and in a cross-contamination free environment, I will become their number one customer. Until then, making them myself will work. I could use the naan from Monday and save myself some time, but I really want to try making homemade pita bread to see how it turns out. If it’s good, I’ll start making double batches to freeze and use for “sandwiches”… and also so I can eat a gyro everyday for lunch. I have a problem.

January’s (gluten free) menu

One of the questions I get asked the most about being gluten free is “what do you eat?!” I usually just say, “what ever I want!” Being gluten free isn’t a sentence to eat only kale and boiled chicken (… Although we would all be very trim if we did that). If anything it has pushed me to be more creative with adapting recipes and to make better food for my family. Giving up gluten is just that: giving up gluten. You don’t need to give up your favorite food or things that taste amazing. Everything DOES need to be made from scratch though, which takes some planning and time obviously.
I used to share my monthly meal plans on the blog, then one month I forgot. Then I forgot every month for… Over a year, at least. However, I’m going to start posting them again because I think it’s a great way to share “what we eat”.
If you don’t meal plan, I highly recommend it. It makes grocery shopping easier and it makes my day to day easier too. Instead of walking to the pantry around lunch time and trying to figure out what ingredients I have to try to make something for dinner, I can just look at the calendar and pull out the ingredients I know I already purchased since it was all on the list. Plus, if you’re gf, you know that the ingredients are expensive. Shopping with a meal plan decreases the amount of ingredients, therefore money, wasted. I get that not everyone has the luxury of time to sit for an hour and meal plan, but for me it is a necessity. So if you don’t have time, feel free to copy some of mine, or all of it. I do mine at the top of each month, but you can also do it weekly if that’s better for you.
In addition to sharing my monthly meal plan, I would be happy to share any recipes that you want. Just comment which one you’d like to try, and I’ll add it to my “to blog” list, and get that typed up as fast as possible. Most of my recipes are handwritten in a spiral notebook that’s 10 years old. I need to redo it, but that’s for another day.
Anyways, here is this month’s menu!
I’m sorry if my sloppy handwriting is too hard to read, just let me know which day(s) aren’t readable, and I’ll let you know what it says.